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services details

Realty Progress Painting and maintenance services is a company that is based on customer satisfaction therefore we offer a variety of services to cover most of our client interior and exterior painting needs. We offer services for any type of structure whether it be a small apartment or a big commercial building and everything in between. We pride ourselves in being versatile and giving our clients the best possible professional work. Our clientele includes private clients, insurance companies, real state agents, shopfitters, commercial developers and others.

Commercial Painting

Our Commercial Painting services experience extend to Corporate Offices, Retail Premises, Real Estates, Churches, Schools, Pubs, Bars, Restaurants, and Government bodies.

We offer painting services on the weekends, at night, and school holidays, to avoid any disruption to any business or corporation.

Painting and Maintenance

For over 20 years we have provided our painting services to many body corporations and strata managers. We are fully insured to the legal requirement. Maintaining good communication with the body corporate and the strata manager, and sticking to the schedule, is our number 1 priority. We make sure that we keep the disturbance to the residents to the minimum for a hassle free service. We are a highly motivated group of professionals that provide a very competitive price without compromising on quality and finish.

Interior and Exterior Painting

Realty Progress Painting Services provide ALL External and Internal painting services. We provide services that go beyond the obvious painting defenition under this heading. This includes Vermiculite Ceilings, kitchen cabinets, vanities, interior woodwork, staining, texture coating, roof painting, and exterior wood preservation. We take care of all work preparations such as mould and wallpaper removal. We provide all decorative finishes such as feature walls and suede effects.

Spray Painting

Realty Progress Services have the equipment and expertise to transform your Vermiculite Ceiling from a dull and dark ceiling, to a BRILLIANT WHITE. A brilliant white Vermiculite Ceiling will transform any room into a spacious, clean, and modern space.

Water Pressure Cleaning

Water Pressure Cleaning can add value to your home. Our water pressure service includes external brick, concrete, house, roof, pavement, sandstone, driveway, and tile cleaning.

Colour Advice

Realty Progress Services provide a wide range of colour collection. We are always researching the current Local and International trends. We can help you to create a stylish and attractive look in your home or office. We are the experts to help you make a selection to create a dramatic or relaxed feel. Colour Advice is a free service upon acceptance of your painting quote.

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